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Yuvak and Yuvati Mandal Perth

Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Yuvak and Yuvati Mandal Perth

Upcoming Satsang Sabha 

Yuvak Mandal Sabha

Jay Shree Swaminarayan

This weeks Satsangi Jeevan sabha will be co-ordinated by Gada group. Once again all four groups will participate together and the group activity will be on Kirtan Vivechan.
Below is the break down of times.

TIME                            ACTIVITY

6.25pm – 7.00pm         Aarti, Stuti & Thaal
7.00pm – 7.05pm         Hanuman Chalisa
7.05pm – 7.10pm         Jay Naad, Stuti and Prathna
7.10pm – 7.40pm         Satsangi Jeevan Katha vanchan
7.40pm – 8.00pm         Sant Pravachan
8.00pm – 8.30pm         Kirtan, Dhoon and Chesta
8.30pm – 8.55pm         Group activity
8.55pm – 9.00pm         Announcements, hetpurvak milan followed by prashad roopi bhojan.


Yuvati Mandal Sabha

Jay Shree Swaminarayan,

Come join us this week Saturday sabha to be entertained by a NATAK portraying the do’s and dont’s of our Rajaswala Dharma.

TIME                          ACTIVITY
6:25pm – 7:00pm       Aarti, Stuti & Thaal
7:00pm – 7:05pm       Hanuman Chalisa
7:05pm – 7:10pm       Jay Naad, Stuti and Prathna
7:10pm – 7:30pm       Chesta
7:30pm – 7:35pm       Dhun
7:35pm – 7:40pm       Dhyaan
7:40pm – 7:55pm       Katha
7.55pm  8:08pm       Sant Pravachan
8:08pm – 8:38pm       NATAK
8:38pm – 8:48pm       Yuvati Pravachan

8:48pm – 8:55pm       Kirtan
8:55pm  9.00pm       Annoucements