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Band & Lazim

The Lezim group and Pipe Band are part of the Shree Swaminarayan Mandir (Temple) Perth Australia. A Lezim team for the temple was founded in 2008. A group of boys expressed their interest in Lezim and practices were held after weekly Satsangs at the Dianella Scouts Hall. The Lezim group initially consisted of only a few members however at present date; several younger boys have joined the team. They have displayed their exceptional abilities in the Lezim folk dance during performances at major Utsav’s held by the Mandir.

In late July 2011, the Mandir building project commenced and a group of boys between the ages of 18-25 commenced practices on a recorder (flute) instrument. With a few months of practice under their belt, they performed in the Mandir Khat Murat Utsav which was held in October 2011. Later that year, an announcement for a Pipe Band was made. Several individuals registered their interest for the Pipe Band. Formal practices were then commenced at the beginning of 2012. As previously, bagpipers continued their practices on the recorder instrument whilst drummers commenced their learning’s on a practice drum pad.

The fast-learning pace of team members soon sparked the need for Pipe Band instruments. To raise funds for the procurement of such instruments, the Pipe Band affiliated with the Mandir in organizing a 10km Fun, Run & Walk. Donations for this event were received from family, friends & colleagues both in Australia and overseas. Members of the Pipe Band also engaged themselves in various other fundraising activities to ultimately purchase musical instruments. With the help from fellow Haribhaktos and Shreeji Maharaj, the Pipe Band were able to acquire there first batch of instruments in September 2012.

As the Murti Pran Pratistha Mahotsav was fast approaching, both the Lezim group and Pipe Band commenced practices on a daily basis. With the numerous hours spent for rehearsals and the remarkable level of enthusiasm from all members, the Lezim group and Pipe Band made their first joint performance at the Murti Pran Pratistha Mahotsav Nagar Yatra.

At present, the age group of the Pipe Band is 15-40 consisting of 13 bagpipe players, 10 snare drum players, 2 bass drum players, 2 tenor drum players and 1 cymbal (thaapi) player.