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Gujarati Classes

In July 2010 the Gujarati school was first started as a result of the requests and support of parents at the residence of Bhartabhai Dabasia. The children were not only taught how to speak and read Gujarati but also get an understanding for our culture, festivals and religion, through fun activities, plays, stories and the singing of shloks and poems.As interest in the community contained to grow, the Gujarati school was moved to the Shree Swaminarayan Temple (Mandir) Perth Complex. At point older students had also began to join in with the aim of being able to read our scriptures on Gujarati. Great improvements had been seen on students of all ages us we came to the end of another great year.The combined help of parents and volunteers was greatly appreciated and necessary in the successful running of the school. Its this support from the community that makes all the difference.