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Father: Rambhai
Mother: Amratba
Birth Place: Sukhpat (Saurastra State)
Birth Name: Lalji
Birth: 1822
Caste: Gurjar Suthar (carpenter)

Lalji's family were very religious. They were the devotees of Atmanand Swami, Guru of Ramanand Swami. He spent most of his time serving Ramanand Swami and also at night travel to Bhadra and had discussion with Mulsharma.

Lalji went to Bhuj to express his feelings of Lord Swaminarayan being more popular than Ramanand Swami when he was a small child. Ramanand Swami explained that Lord Swaminarayan has greater powers then him. Lalji came to Loj and did danvat pranam to Lord Swaminarayan and his belief that Lord Swaminarayan is the Supreme God became strong.

On the day at Jetpur, Lalji brought gifts to Lord Swaminarayan. On several occasions, Lalji had the chance to serve Lord Swaminarayan and obtain His blessings. Once Lord Swaminarayan came to Loj and stayed at Lalji's house. After a few days, Lord Swaminarayan decided to go to Kutch. Lord Swaminarayan asked to find a good guide. Lalji took opportunity and acted as a guide. Only Lord Swaminarayan and Lalji set on to go to Kutch. They only took food and 12 Kori (hid in Lalji's shoes). On way they met a hungry beggar and gave all their food to him. Some thieves came but they did not touch Lord Swaminarayan as he was a sadhu but inspected Lalji. They found nothing but Lord Swaminarayan showed 12 Kori in Lalji's shoes. Lalji asked Lord Swaminarayan why did He do that and Lord Swaminarayan replied that He wanted relive Lalji from a very big obstacle/hindrance. Then they came across a very old sage. They gave him all the water and soon Lalji very thirsty. Lord Swaminarayan showed a small of sweet water in salty sea water. They came to a small lake and Lord Swaminarayan took a rest under a tree. Lalji removed some thorns from Shree Hari's feet and saw 16 'chins'. Lalji asked who was that Mahapursh, Ramanand Swami and he is the one who made water sweet for you. They came to town called Aadhoi.

Lord Swaminarayan said to go to town. People know him if we change appearance, shaved head and moustache and gave a cloth around the waist. Lord Swaminarayan requested Niskulanand Swami to preach in Adhoi and write a scripture called Yamdund. Shree Hari stayed here for two days and went to Bhuj.

Niskulanand Swami's relatives came to ask him to return home. They accused him of living home because of home trouble.

Lord Swaminarayan thought of giving Gadhda Temple Mahant hood to Niskulanand Swami. Niskulanand Swami got up early and went away to Gadhada town but Lord Swaminarayan called him back as He changed His mind. Niskulanand Swami stayed most of his time in Dholera. He helped in the building of Dholera Temple as Niskulanand Swami was a good sculptor. In Vadtal, he built a 12 door Hindola.

A high officer of British Empire wanted to meet Niskulanand Swami. They came to Dholera and saw Niskulanand Swami working at an age of 80 covered in white dust of stone. The officer was very pleased.

Niskulanand Swami wrote 23 scriptures in Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujurati and Kutchi. He also knew about music, as he was a renowned poet a wrote numerous poems. He kept on writing scriptures until his death.

Scriptures written:

Bhaktichintamni (finished this at Gadhada in 1883 Asso Sud 13), Purshottam Prakash, Snehgeeta (completed in 1872), Vachanvidhi, Sharshidhi, Bhaktinidhi (completed in 1902), Haribaal Geeta, Haradai Prakash, Dhirajukhayan (completed at Gadhpur 1899), Hasmruti, Chorsadhpadi, Manganjan (Hindi), Goongrahah (Hindi), Harividhervau, Aarjivinay, Kalyan Niryam, Avtar Chintamni, Chin Chintamni, Pupah Chintamni, Lagan Suknavali, Yamdand (Addhoi town first scripture, completed 1860), Vrutivivha, Shikshaptri Bhasha, The last scripture was in 1902.

He left the world in 1904 in Dholera at an age of 82 years.