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Bhumanand Swami was born as Rupjibhai in VS 1852 in a town called Keshiya near Jamnagar. His father was called Ramjibhai and his mother was called Kuverbai, his family name was Kadiya Rathod.  

He was a sincere and devoted person and composed many kirtans about bhakti.  He composed the Ghanshyam Leelamrut Sagaar scripture.  He was persuaded by a friend to go to Gadhada to find the Lord.  There he did meet the Lord and the scene is captured in the kirtan, ‘Sarve sakhi jeevan jova ne chalo re …’.  After a four day fast he wrote the prominent 'thal' that is sung within the sampraday, ‘Jamo thal jeevan jau vari…’.  Bhumanand Swami died in VS 1924 in Manasa.