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What is this track you are listening to, and what effect should it have?

This track is composed with the use of neuroscience and sleep psychology technology. Delta waves and mid-range frequencies have been embedded in this music to generate a stabilising effect on the mind. With the guidance of Bhuj swami’s who are versed in Yog, the following steps have been advised. The end goal is to set the mind to respond to this music and enter a deeper sleep and once the music stops playing you will wake up automatically. 

Be careful not to associate sad memories/thoughts with this music. Thoughts of faith in Bhagwan and confidence in his greatness will help you clear worries.

  • This track must only be heard by the baby whilst they are sleepy. If this music is played to a baby when they are in a more playful mood, then it will not be as effective... 
  • For the first 10 - 14 days, play this music once the baby is asleep. After this, you can start using this music to help the baby enter a more sleepy state. 
  • If the baby comes out of the habit of falling asleep to this music, then start the process of playing it after the baby is asleep until the habit returns. 
  • Ideally do not use this music to stop babies crying or allow it to be heard whilst the baby is waking up.
  • This music is best listened to on a speaker and at the bottom side of your bed where your feet are. If you prefer it in a different location, that's fine.
  • Remember to only use this music whilst feeling sleepy and not listen to it whilst you’re in an active state. The mind needs to learn to associate this music to tiredness. 
  • Play the music 30 minutes before you are due to sleep, this will help calm the mind. 
  • Sit up in your bed and take 3 deep long breaths, in through the mouth and out through the nose. During these breaths imagine yourself entering deep restfulness.  
  • Get into your comfortable sleeping position and start Kar mala (mala on your right hand) as per the image below until you fall asleep.

Use your thumb and chant Swaminarayan on each part of your hand, from 1-11, and back in reverse.

If you have been medically diagnosed with insomnia, then do continue to take guidance from your doctor. If you regularly struggle to sleep, the following should help you resolve this:

  • Understand the mind is where this problem needs to be resolved. You will use the mind to enhance the depth of sleep you achieve. The mind is what allows you to sleep and allows you to wake up. 
  • The ‘process of association’.  Linking this music to deep sleep would have to be done whilst you are fully awake in the daytime. At a time you’re most awake for 20 minutes do the following:
    • Lie on your back, feet should be shoulder-width apart and arms by the sides of your body with your palms facing up. 
    • Have the music playing. 
    • Use your mind to imagine a state of sleep and relaxation.
    • As you breathe imagine this calm energy going to your body one body part at a time. Toes > feet >>>> head and facial muscles. 
  • After completing this process of association for a few days you can play this music when you're ready to sleep. 
  • Start with a Prarthana to Maharaj and remember his great saints and devotees. Put your mind in a confident state to say there is no longer any need to think any thoughts.  
  • Follow the process of the 3 deep breaths and Kar Mala. 

This music is only a medium by which you go to sleep. Really and truly it is Bhagwan that allows us to rest peacefully and Bhagwan that wakes us up. We have served Him all day and remembered Him in the day. At night we rest with Him and therefore in Akshardham. Before sleeping, if we have thoughts not associated with Bhagwan, that would mean resting in Maya and therefore limiting our ability to truly rest.