Diwali Mithais & Nastos – Shree Swaminarayan Temple Perth Australia

Diwali Mithais & Nastos

Have you been busy and have not gotten time to prepare for Diwali Mithai and Nasto? No stress anymore, our Temple is now selling Diwali Mithai and Nasto. These are now available for purchase at the Temple from Sunday 12th October 2014 and thereafter.

Please come to the Temple for Darshan and purchase Diwali Mithai and Nasto Packs for your family, relatives and friends.

 Barfi  1 Kg  $20.00
 Bundi Na ladoo  1 Kg  $20.00
 Yellow Monthar  1 Kg  $20.00
 Amrat Paak (Almonds & Pistachio)  1 Kg  $25.00
 Farsi Puri  ½ Kg  $10.00
 Ganthiya Lakadia
Ganthiya Papdia
 ½ Kg
½ Kg
 $8.00     2 Pkts For
$8.00         $15.00

All Diwali Mithai and Nasto are available while stock last.