Shree Sahajanand Swami Antardhaan Leela – Shree Swaminarayan Temple Perth Australia

Shree Sahajanand Swami Antardhaan Leela

Please join us this Sunday 4th June 2017, for bhajan bhakti from 7:30am to 8:30am and to listen to Shree Hari Antardhaan Leela Katha from 5:00pm to 6:00pm followed by Thakarthali. 

Lord swaminarayan’s transcendental pastime of departing the mortal body is narrated in various holy scriptures of the swaminarayan sampraday. Reading and hearing about this event definitely brings tears to one’s eyes and we can only imagine what must have been felt by those devotees and saints who were present with the lord at that time.

We must remember that any pastime the lord performs is always for the benefit of the devotee and always one to remember. Shree Hari Antardhaan / Tirodhaan / Swadhaam gaman leela took place on the Vikram Samvat 1886, Jyest Sud 10.

Swami Avinashanand has composed a 2 verse (pad) kirtan in which he sings of the event when lord swaminarayan held an assembly of devotees and saints informing them of his wish to depart to akshardham and the series of events that unfolded thereafter to the lords departure.