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Dhanurmas Thaal Donations‏

During Dhanurmaas, the Sun is in Dhan (Sagittarius) constellation. It transits into Dhanur Rasi until it enters the Makar Rashi (Capricon) during the end of this month on the Makar Sankranthi day. During this period devotees can make Thaal donations at the Temple.(Weekdays ask Pujari Bapa for assistance) 

Great glory is attached to serving food to Brahmins and devotees during this month.

In the period the sun shifts from the Dhanur rashi till Makar Sankranti, the Samhita advocates bhakti by celebrating Adhyayan, Mokshada and Vun Mahotsavs.
Adhyayan Festival The Lord’s murti is offered pujan. Then the four Vedas, and Vedangas are recited. Every morning during Dhanurmas, at around sunrise shiro of mung and sweets made from milk are offered to the Lord. Since Adhyayan refers to study of scriptures, they are arranged in the following directions: Rg-Veda in the east, Atharva in the north, Yajur Veda in the south, Saam Veda in the west, Ramayan-Mahabharat in the south-east, Stotras in the south-west, Dharma Shastra in the north-west, poetic literature written in Prakrut in the north-east.

The month of Magshar is considered the morning period of the Devas and therefore sattvic. Therefore this festival boosts the sattvic attributes of aspirants.
Mokshada Festival Origin.

Once as a baby, Lord Vishnu lay sleeping on a banyan leaf. At that time Lord Brahma manifested from Vishnu’s navel and sang stotras and Vedic hymns. In this manner, overwhelmed with pride, he forgot the Lord. At that moment two demons appeared from Lord Vishnu’s ears and attacked Brahma. Frightened, he fervently prayed to Vishnu. The Lord stopped the demons and offered them to request a boon. However, the demons tongue-in-cheek, requested the Lord to ask for a boon instead! Vishnu laughed and said, “I had vanquished you long ago, yet you confront me again.”
This infuriated the demons and so they attacked the Lord. The ensuing battle lasted one and a half months. Finally, the Lord defeated the two, who then begged,” Prabhu! Deliver us to your dham (abode).”

On the sud Ekadashi of Dhanurmas, the Lord opened the northern door and delivered them to Vaikunth, transcending Satyalok. This pleased the two, who requested for a boon, “Take those who offer bhakti to you and observe Ekadashi in this month, to your abode through the northern door.” The Lord agreed. Henceforth, a festival for Moksha is also celebrated on the Ekadashis in this month hence the name Mokshadotsav.